Memories for the Future

Memories for Minsmere

Art Works

December 2012

Midwinter Star

Liz’s first temporary art work at Minsmere was a beautiful star made of reeds, sited in the north bushes not far from the visitor’s centre.  It was inspired by visitors’ memories of visiting reedbeds in winter and marvelling at the reeds shining in the crisp clear sunlight.  It was also a celebration of the midwinter season.  Here are some photos of the making, installation and final work.


May 2014

This temporary sculpture at the end of the North Wall was a tribute to all those people who collected plastic from the beach and brought it to the Plastic Palace the previous Summer.  It was made from some of the plastic that decorated the Plastic Palace.

DSCN3042 DSCN3062 DSCN3067 DSCN3073




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