Memories for the Future

Memories for Minsmere


Here are some of the memories and impressions visitors have written into the journals in the hides at Minsmere.

DSCF0271 DSCF0269 DSCF0266 DSCF0265 DSCF0263 DSCF0261

2 thoughts on “Memories/Impressions

  1. These are great. Well done Liz!

  2. We had a wonderful view of a beautiful bittern, from the Bittern Hide, today. He was in the reeds (very camouflaged), then came out into the sunshine. He was fishing, he had pale green green feet, which he lifted out of the water very slowly as he stalked the fish. He stretched out his neck a long way then stabbed a fish with his beak. Rowan (age 7) says that its reflection in the water was very, very similar to it. It was the first time Jennie (46) and Rowan(7) had ever seen a bittern. Marvellous!
    We enjoyed the sculpture, see
    for Jennie’s film project with nature reserves.

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